At WTIU, I produced weekly video packages for Indiana Newsdesk. I reported, shot, and edited most of the stories from start to finish.

How Purdue Handled Emergency Response To On-Campus Shooting – I reported on the Purdue shooting in January 2014 and the ways universities have to deal with these types of situations.

High School Girls Score Lower Than Boys In Math And Science – a report on girls scoring lower on STEM subjects in Indiana high schools and some of the reasons why.

Same-Sex Couples Still In Limbo After Court Decision – a report on the status of Indiana’s same-sex marriage ban after a U.S. District Court judge ruled the state must recognize the marriage of one same-sex couple.

HPV Vaccination Rates Still Low Years After FDA Approval – the story of a father’s struggle to educate public health professionals on the HPV vaccine after his daughter died of cervical cancer, and why Indiana’s HPV vaccination rate remains low.