I’ve created mini-documentaries, video postcards, and “A Day At The ___” videos. Combined with my film experience, I can create videos that lean towards the artsy (read: non-news) side of things.

Festival of Lights at the Governor’s Mansion – Hanukkah celebration with Missouri’s Governor Nixon. Shooting in a low-light environment, but with lots of pretty things to look at.

James vs. Food (the video that James will never live down) – featuring the foods of the Missouri State Fair and a reality show-style walk and talk (and eat).

Trout Fishing Opening Day – the first day of trout fishing season at two state parks in Missouri. I shot all the Montauk footage and coworkers shot the Bennett Springs footage. I edited the video together.

Ozark Caverns, Missouri Caves Project – part of an effort to profile all 22 show caves in Missouri. Video postcard-style.