Since 2012, I’ve been involved with Brass Engine Productions, an indie group that’s been producing film shorts and other assorted works on various platforms.

Convention music and event video produced at Cosplacon 2015. I shot most of the footage and did all the editing.

Steamworks & Shadows is our primary project – it’s a fictional collaborative universe with a Victorian sci-fi premise. “Steampunks” from four states have participated in various multimedia productions, centered around the Airship Vindus, a flying battleship with a mercenary crew. I manage most of our social media presence and regularly publish photo galleries of our real-life adventures.

Veritas Uprising, a 9-episode webseries that introduces the Airship Vindus crew and their quest to save the world (again). We shot the majority of this over the summer of 2013, and recently published the final episode. I’m the lead editor and have variously served as assistant director, second-unit videographer, grip and purchaser of sandwiches.

Character vignettes serve as introductions of the Airship Vindus crew without the pressure of plot or scripting. I direct, shoot, and edit this project.